My Beautiful Ebooks: handcrafted ebooks that are a pleasure to read, with clean code under the hood.

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Quality ebook production:
the pleasure of a beautiful design
and the flexibility of the digital format

A well-designed ebook means a carefully crafted, aesthetic presentation, with all the advantages of the digital format. A book that’s a pleasure to read whether it’s on an ebook reader, a phone, a tablet or a computer. A beautiful ebook which lets you adapt the text size for your personal comfort. Photos, illustrations, clickable links to read the footnotes and then come right back to your place…

If you’re familiar with the technical side of it you’ll understand why I’m proud of my code. It’s clean, semantic, and adapts gracefully. If html and css are just a bunch of letters to you, no worries; let me handle that. My ebooks are perfectly compatible with all ereaders and tablets and convert easily to kindle format.

Here are some ebooks I’ve made. All of these books are in reflowable epub format.

— Audrey Keszek

My beautiful ebooks

Here are a few ebooks I’ve made. They are all in reflowable epub format, perfectly suited to ebook readers and tablets of any size, and easily convertible to kindle format. Click on the image to enlarge it.

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Cover up

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… but who are they kidding, a good cover makes all the difference. Here are a few covers I’ve designed. Click on the image to enlarge it.

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About me

I’m Audrey Keszek, ebook designer since 2009.

Services I offer

  • Ebook production: ebook design and development
  • Adaptation of print layouts for digital publishing
  • Correction and optimisation of your existing ebooks
  • Quality check and analysis of your existing ebooks
  • Cover design

My background

I am a graphic designer, specialising in ebook production after working as a webdesigner. I’m also a reading fanatic and ebook early adopter. I discovered ebooks thanks to Project Gutenberg, treasure trove of public domain books. When I bought my first ebook reader, the epub format hadn’t yet been invented.

Once I found out about ebooks, very quickly I wanted to do more than read them. My HTML and CSS skills, combined with my experience doing print layouts, were the perfect basis for learning the emerging format. My passion for reading provided the motivation: I got started making ebooks that I wanted to read. When I made my first epub, Three Men in a Boat, I used my webdesign tools and the computer notepad; there was no epub editor in 2009.

Following that I was very active in discussions with a certain Valloric (Strahinja Val Marković) about what tools ebook creators needed. I’m still proud to say that my Three Men epub file served as the test file throughout the development of Sigil, and to have been the only alpha-tester of the pre-pre-beta version, before the public launch.

I was one of the first professional ebook designers in France; today I’m still just as passionate about ebooks.

My experience led me to teach a class to second-year Masters students on digital publication at the University of Paris (Analyse et gestion de publication numérique, Master 2 UFR PHILLIA).

Sigil featuring Three Men in a Boat by Audrey Keszek
Presentation of Sigil on the developper’s blog, featuring my ebook.



Here are some of the publishers and authors who have trusted me with their ebook projects:

What they say about me:

You’re goddamn great at [making ebooks] too; I’ll never forget how fantastic that Three Men in a Boat ebook was. The Three Men book was my main test case while I worked on Sigil for a reason.
Strahinja Val Marković
Developer of Sigil, editing software for e-books in the epub format

Audrey Keszek did an admirable job converting children’s books in several languages to ebooks. I commend her talent, my books are very beautiful, but also her patience, her accessibility, her good advice and her taste for a job well done. I will happily trust her with my next books. Many thanks.
Amina Aouchar, Edevcom-Éd.

Attentive and helpful, Audrey Keszek is very professional, flawlessly efficient and reliable. I particularly appreciated being able to work with her in a spirit of goodwill and complete trust. And the ebook she made completely fulfills my expectations: thank you Audrey!
Caroline Puleo

I’ve trusted Audrey Keszek with two projects that were very important to me, and I am delighted with our collaboration. She was very attentive to my requests and particularly patient, in addition to being a genuinely nice person. Thanks to her, my novels benefit from a truly professional presentation and I’m very grateful to her. For my next book I won’t hesitate to call on her again.
Zoé Davide

For each solo show that I organize for a contemporary artist, an ebook is created to provide a record of the exhibition. Audrey Keszek has produced all the books since the start of this adventure. Her efficiency and her patience must be emphasized; these books wouldn’t exist without her expertise and creativity. My thanks to her.
Jorge Cañete – Interior Design Philosophy

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For an accurate quote, please provide your source file (definitive or comparable) so that I can evaluate the project. Otherwise, please provide as many details as possible: the format of your source file (InDesign, Word… with or without stylesheets), how many illustrations, the complexity of the layout (are there tables? pull quotes? lists? several levels of subtitles?), as well as any other relevant information.

For the production of your ebook

Provide a “print ready” document (proofread and corrected) in an editable text format such as InDesign .indd, Word .doc(x) or .rtf, .html… A supplement will be charged for plain text (.txt) or pdf documents.

Provide your cover image and any illustrations in their final format (jpg, png, svg). If you don’t have a cover image, I can design one for you.